Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bucket List Beginnings.

I think I am one of the few people that saw "The Bucket List" years after it came out. I caught it on TBS on e night recently and couldn't turn away. By the end, I was bawling my eyes out with a new found inspiration lurking inside of me. I wanted my own bucket list. I wanted that feeling of living and experiencing things. I wanted to focus on the simple things that can bring a smile to my face and focus less on the negativity that creeps up on all of us for whatever reason. Life is for living...that's why its called life. And I'm ready to live.

I wrote my own "Bucket List" and tried to fill it with things that I knew I could accomplish at some point. I didn't want a list that I would look at later and be depressed because I couldn't achieve my listy goals. So, here's my list. I wanted to share it.

My Bucket List:
1. Start a project, stick with it, and finish it.
2. Visit Ireland.
3. Inspire someone.
4. Experience a relaxing spa day.
5. Work with a childrens theatre again.
6. See Sleeping Beauty's castle (Either the one in Disney or the one it was fashioned after).
7. Travel on a roadtrip stopping at little tourist trap places on the drive.
8. Make a three course meal completely on my own.
9. Find love.
10. Witness a miracle/see something majestic.
11. Attend a wine tasting.
12. Be able to someday introduce my old friends to my new ones.
13. Finish my book.
14. Accept more challenges.
15. Find my Christmas spirit once more.

Number one on my Bucket List is the most important for me. Rarely do I ever start a project for myself and finish it. So, Monday night, while I was making dinner, II came up with a project that I realy want to do. It allows me to start posting on this blog again, which was my first one and I kind of love it.

I have decided to challenge myself and you all get to benefit from it. Or, at least, I hope its a benefit for you guys. I've decided to attempt to blog every day for an entire year. Within those posts, you'll see me challenge myself at least once a week to try or do new things (Look, hitting number 14 on the BL). I'll post about my crafty endeavors, stuff about nails, and my cooking adventures. I'm hoping this will be awesome and that I can stick to it. I'm seriously going to try my hardest.

So, here's to hoping I can do it. I'm gonna need all the support I can get.

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