Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday List!

So....My birthday will be coming up soon. I will be 27 on March 22. It's kind of crazy to sit back and realize that you're getting older. Especially when I don't feel like I'm about to be 27. I still feel like I'm 24. You'd be amazed the number of people that are surprised when they find out that I'm 26. Not that I'm complaining. Its rather nice, really. As for my Birthday plans? Well, I'll be working on the actual day. Every year since I moved in with my awesome roommate, we've had a movie marathon night the weekend of my Birthday. And this year, two of my BFFs will be coming to see me the weekend after my Birthday! I'm pretty stoked about this. 

The other day, a friend of mine asked me what I wanted for my Birthday. I'm always sooo bad about answering that. It's about right up there with pricing my craftybits or saying how much to pay me for baby sitting. So, this time I decided to sit down and think about it. What WOULD I like for my Birthday?

So here's my list :D

For Christmas, my awesome Roommate got me these AMAZING measuring cups that I absolutely adore. 

Aren't they ridiculously adorable?! They are seriously one of my favorite things in the kitchen right now. And I'm trying not to fall too terribly in love with nesting dolls right now. That's a hobby I don't need at the moment. But my goodness, the cuteness kills. 

But...I figured I might as well complete the set, right? And these nesting measuring spoons would be PERFECT with my cups. You can find them both at Perpetual Kid Website.

I'm a huge dork. Like....a HUGE dork. I'm totally the Eric Foreman of my group of friends. But that's ok, because I wear that badge proudly. That being said....I FRICKEN LOVE DOCTOR WHO! Like, for reals. 10 will ALWAYS be MY Doctor, but I'm enjoying 11. But one thing that I love is that no matter how many times the Doctor regenerates, the outside of the Tardis ALWAYS stays the same. And this mug would make me squeal with delight and hum the them song as I drank delicious beverages or placed it somewhere to decorate and proclaim my nerdiness.

To continue on with my nerdiness, is Season 4 of "The IT Crowd". Because this show is seriously amazeballs. If you haven't seen it yet, you can on Netflix instant. It is seriously an amazing BritCom and if anyone works with/in IT, then you will giggle even more, I'm sure. 

This Sterling Silver Hydrangea Cluster Necklace is something that I'm coveting more than I am genuinely asking for. Why is that? Because this beauty is $158 and I can't ask anyone to spend that kind of money on me like that. But oh, so beautiful is this necklace?! Its just so sweet and delicate. Quite dreamy, I think.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love The Mummy movies. Well, all but that third one that came out a few years ago that I still refuse to believe was a part of the same franchise. Anyhoo, I love The character Evy and I love Rachel Weisz, who plays her. And I LOVE her locket. I'm always on the look out for a locket like hers in the movies. This locket is similar, but the anchor in the middle is definitely not in the design. But you have to agree, its really cute! I'm really getting into the nautical stuff lately. It must be the beach. 

But what I really a DQ Ice Cream Cake. What? They are delicious!


  1. I love the nesting doll cups. Where did she get them?

  2. My roommate got them from They have so many awesome things there.

  3. Mmmmmmmmmm.... DQ ice cream caaaaake. That is my favorite. Now I really want some.

  4. What kind of ice cream cake do you want?