Thursday, March 10, 2011

Totally Nailed It Vol.1

Those that know me know that I really enjoy doing nails. I also really enjoy doing nail art! :D That being said, I want to incorporate it more in my blog posts. I mean, why not? Its still a pretty crafty thing, right? It has art in the name. 

So, I decided to share with you some of my favorite designs that I've done so far. 

These are cherry blossoms painted in acrylic paint on China Glaze Refresh-mint. I think it looks like the Arizona tea cans.

These were the first set of acrylic nails I put on. I decorated them with green tips, red swipey bits, while dots, and snow flakes. 

These are my award winning nails! Yes, that's right. I got first place in a nail art competition with these babies. They are pink and white with silver bows on all fingers by the ring finger. On the ring finger is a houndstooth design. One of the judges (who looked like David Bowie) said they were very wearable. 

Blue nails with a white diagonal break. Then turned into zebra print. These looked sooo good on.

Olive green nails with gold tips. The ring finger was decorated with a peacock feather. This picture does NOT do this design justice. It was so pretty.

So, there's a little taste. You will be seeing much more of these in the future, I can guarantee it.

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