Friday, March 4, 2011

The Crafting Days of Yore...

So I was sitting on the loveseat in my living room trying to decide what I wanted to blog about tonight. That's when I realized that my challenge to post in my blog once a day for an entire year could be in danger of just being completely ridonkulous and filled with posts about nothing. I don't want to just create a post for the sake of saying I posted. I want it to be more entertaining. Perhaps more inspiring. I don't know. But I wanted it to be more than just general dribble about why I couldn't come up with a better post that day.

Then I got to thinking about all the pictures I have taken over the years and how long I've been crafty. Now, I will admit, some of the things I created aren't that spectacular. But, I remember that at the time I created them, I was pretty tickled with them. It's amazing what paint and foam stars can do for your ego. lol

Here are some things that I've done in the past and would like to recreate at some point again if I ever get the chance. Or just tweak them a tiny bit. That could be a lot of fun right? All of these pictures were taken before Christmas 2001. It was my senior year of high school and I made a lot of my gifts for my friends that year. You will be seeing all the fun decorations in my room from then, I'm sure.

These were candle stick holders that I painted as a gift for someone for Christmas. I honestly do not remember who I made them for...But I thought they were super pretty. They were a maroonish pink color with a lighter pink and white trim, detailing, and spattering. 
(That large Ace of Diamonds in the background was a part of our senior homecoming float...WHICH WE WON THAT YEAR!) 
 I used a stencil for the first time to make this and I loved how it came out. Aren't they pretty?

 Here is a box that I painted of various blues for my friend. It was a carboard box with glitter swirls that I just painted in between. I thought it looked really cool. I remember who got this gift, though! :D

It is kind of hard to forget who got these three things, seeing as how her picture is right there and her name was on the pot. I was really into painted terracotta pots that year for some strange reason. I just remember thinking it was awesome. So I painted a good handful for people, thew their names on them, and pretty much called it a day. Though, I still kind of love them to hold pencils and what have you. This was a simple canvas picture frame, something that my awesome friend Jessica had gotten me addicted on my junior year of high school. I painted it black, threw on some glittery glazey stuff, then painted some extra stars, the words, and then glued on foam stars. It was so simple that I did the same on the box and clay pot!

Yea, some of these I wouldn't mind doing again. But I love being able to look back on the things I've made and go "Aww...lookit that!" Some of it makes me want to run to Old Time Pottery and buy some things to get crafty with again. Though, I'll admit that I have a whole notebook filled with to do crafting projects. I have a bad habit of starting something and never finishing it because halfway through I wanted to start something else because I was getting impatient. That being said, I really need to try and focus on the accessories for a long while before I decide if I want to get back into the painting or not. 

Though, there are some crafty bits that I try to stay FAR away from because I know it will only end in tears, excessive spending on supplies, and my roommate kicking me out because I'm a crafting hoarder. Are there any projects you guys would like to get started on but know it would be a bad idea?


  1. The candlesticks were for me, and I kept them in my high school bedroom. i regret to say I'm not sure where they are now...likely in my dad's basement, which is where most of my pre-college stuff is.

  2. Aww! Well now I feel bad that I forgot that I gave them to you. lol Its alright about not knowing where they are now. I just hope you liked them when you had them.