Monday, September 13, 2010

Portfolio Project, Post One

So, for those that don't already know I'm currently in cosmetology school. I'm working on my last semester before going into the nail tech classes next semester (which, I'm pretty stoked for, to be honest). In this semester we have to put together a portfolio, making it as professional as we can. Now, the main reason I got into cosmetology was because I thought it would be something good to have to go along with my theatre degree. And, well, it is. I have a plan of action, which I won't get into right now.

As for the portfolio, I am currently working on two. I'm working on one for my nails and the other will focus mainly on hair styling and makeup looks throughout the years. Mostly I'm doing things from 1900's to present, but we shall see if I toss in any other bits. So, one I realized what I wanted to do, I've been doing a lot of research on hairstyles and how to do them. Mostly, I got sucked into youtube videos. But, in the end, I found some pretty amazing channels with some very talented people.

My first portfolio look was with Stacey, a pretty awesome girl in my class. She just recently cut her bangs a bit more blunt across her forehead and instantly, I was reminded of a look that could be considered pin-up inspired or Rockabilly. For this look, I used an awesome tutorial by the ever fantastic Lisa Freemont Street. I somehow found her youtube channel and its been my best friend for the past few days. Here is the video of how to do the style I picked for Stacey.

Reverse victory rolls and curls.

A few things that I did differently on this than in the video, is that I did not use hot rollers. Which, I'm not happy about. My teacher made me use magnetic rollers and set her under the drier. These didn't make curls as soft as I wanted them, but velcro rollers wouldn't have given me the curl that I wanted in the back. Next time, I might use a mix of both, because the velcro are good for volume. But, I digress.

It took longer than I would like to admit to get the reverse rolls down, but I finally did. For my first time attempting this look, I'm please. I won't lie. Yes, there are things that bother me, but for the most part, I think it looks amazing.

She had a bit of bang that came out of no where, so I just pin curled it and sprayed it in place against the roll. This is also the better looking roll out of the two.

This side is a bit more bumpy than I would have liked, but that was because I couldn't get the breaks between rollers to go away. Something I still need to work on.

The back I had to hit up with the curling iron in the end, anyways. Which was annoying, but at least it looks good!

All in all, I'm seriously tickled with the end process. Even her makeup looks great! I honestly couldn't do it without the help of Ashley's (Lisa Freemont Street) videos. So, if you're reading this, Ashley. Thank you. Without your awesome videos I wouldn't even begin to know where to start on these looks. Knowing what tools to use is sometimes the hardest and I've learned so much by watching your videos and reading your blog.

And if you aren't Ashley, then I HIGHLY recommend checking her out. She's a self taught vintage chick. Her videos range from tutorials, to product reviews, to makeup, and so much more. I'm just getting into reading her blog and so far, I'm hooked. So, for you other vintage vixens out there, please check her out.

Until tomorrow :D