Monday, February 8, 2010

A Failed Attempt at Blogging...

Ok, so I pretty much fail at the whole blogging thing so far. BUT that's also because I pretty much failed at the whole being crafty thing. Well...NOT ANYMORE! I have loads of things that I'm going to be working on as well as already started.

I've started going to school again to get a degree in Cosmetology, which takes up a lot of my day time. The good news is that this semester I get to be VERY crafty because I'm being entered into a hair show that will take place in April. I'm entering fantasy hair and avant garde hair. The fantasy will be on a human model, of which, I have an awesome model named Katherine. The avant garde will be on a mannequin. I'm pretty stoked. Especially because the fantasy will be Steampunk.

Also dealing with school, I plan on making a few fun bags for my tools and stuff. And I'm even dabbling on the idea of a tool belt, mostly because I think it would be pretty hilarious. I also want to make some wrist bands because it would be easy to store duckbill clips on while cutting hair and such. Not to mention the aprons that I have tons of material to make.

My awesome roommate, Marie, has shown me how fun it is to make jewelry and I've been messing with that a whole lot lately. Pictures of those to follow. She's also making things and we've decided to go in together to create and Etsy shop. More news on that business once it is up and running. Which, will hopefully be by the end of the weekend.

But for now, I shall away to cut out the plethora of patterns that I have before I forget about them to the point that they are pushed away for an entire year. And I don't even want to get started on all the awesome patterns I have now. lets just say, I love a good pattern sale at Joann Fabric.

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