Thursday, May 19, 2011

When life takes over.

So, I've totally been meaning to post more. I've even been taking pictures of things to post. Its just the process of getting off my butt to actually, you know, sit back down on my butt and edit the pictures and then post them. BUT HOW ABOUT SOME AWESOME NEWS?!

I took BOTH of my state board exams for cosmetology and you know what? I PASSED THEM!!! Yes, that's right! I passed my state boards and I'm waiting for my license to come in the mail. I feel like a professional. LOL

So most of my time was spent getting ready for those two important tests. When I wasn't studying, I was making yo-yos, and when I wasn't making those, I was traveling back to VA to visit the family and go to Dollywood. I promise in the next couple of days I will be updating regularly.

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