Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas is a time for driving myself insane.

It is so true. Christmas has turned into a time that I seriously go bat  crazy. Though, I will say that this year I haven't been as Grinchy as I have in the past. Maybe it has something to do with making my own Christmas gifts this year. Or maybe my heart has grown two sizes larger? Its hard telling, really. All that I know is that I am more in the festive spirit of things. Until I look at my to do list and realize Christmas will be canceled for half of those people because I am too entirely ambitious.

Basically, I have 10 days to get Christmas together at least for those back home in Wise. I am almost there, which is awesome. But I'm telling myself that people here in Wilmington can just celebrate Twelfth Night which is when the Wise Men actually got to Jesus. I feel pretty decent about that until I realize the main differences between me and the Wise Men is that I don't have facial hair, camels (be it the animal or the cigarettes), and I don't have the gold, Frankincense, or Myrrh. I don't even know what myrrh is. Or how to spell it. I had to do a fake Google search to let it spell it out for me. Something, I will admit, that I do often when posting pop culture references in facebook statuses and comments so that I don't looks like I've grgraduated college and still don't know how to spell Kardashian.

I totally did it again.

Anyways, what this is all coming down to is the fact that Marie's mom will be coming in tomorrow to bake her little heart out for Christmas and I am trying to decide if it would be Kosher or not to ask her to make cookies for me t give to people. Now, some of you might think that it is, but seriously, you do not understand the situation at all. Let me spell it all out for you.

Agnes Kathy is Marie's mom. I call her Agnes Kathy when talking to others about her (including Marie) because her name is Agnes Kathleen and some people call her Agnes and some people call her Kathleen and I don't know what to call her because when she was introduced it was all "HEY! This is my mom! POLKA MUSIC!" When I see her I usually stumble over what to call her and don't want to be that rude person that says "Hey you!" or "Um..."  So I default to awkwardly calling her Momma Kathy because I'm not sure if she really likes that or not, especially when she has other people calling her Agnes.  The moral of this name story is that I look far too much into things. Seriously, I'm obsessing over something highly unnecessary.

So, Agnes Kathy is coming in tomorrow and staying until Saturday morning to bake cookies away from the little helping hands of her grandchildren. I don't think that Agnes Kathy really thought this all the way through, though, because my hands are much bigger and don't really help out so much as swipe and eat. But I digress. She will be turning into the foreman at the Keebler Elf Factory, and, only second to Paula Dean, the sole reason that the butter industry is still thriving. The kitchen will only fit her and her backing supplies and dog dishes will be relocated to the dining room area. Popcorn tin after popcorn tin will be chockabock full of delicious wintery treats. Thus, why I wonder if she will even miss a tin for me to give to others for Christmas after I have ate my fill.

Maybe I should take to making cookies for people for Christmas instead of the detailed items that I have been working on? I cant wait to start posting pictures of what I've done, though most will have to wait until after Christmas when I know they will be a surprise for those getting them.

I wish this post was better, but I'm rambling and getting ready for work.

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